HIVE TV – Premium Hosting Streaming

Streaming media device owners welcome to the new standard for 2022
for live tv via cloud hosting. Nothing will never be the same with the
powerful servers of The HIVE. Take advantage of one, three or even
6 month plans and get hosting via the live cloud content on demand.





Uptime Guarantee

Others claim to never go down or have an issue. When we do have ours count on us to deliver a lightning fast response to get you back up and runing. It is just the nature of the beast.

Secure Backups

Your content is securely backed up on our cloud servers to ensure you can access your live and on demand content anytime and anywhere! HIVE is the new standard for 2022. Switch today!

Safe & Secure

Our safe, secure and contactless payment system gets you up and running fast. We will provide you with a secure portal address with username and password to access our hosting.

Dedicated Support

For over 5 years our team of non-lambo driving gurus have helped thousands discover what you soon will. We are here when you need us. Help is just a click away.

Our Features

The HIVE Already Configured

You do not need to fiddle and fool with figuring out where is what. Our geeks have put together everything you need inside online folders for easy access. Push a couple buttons. That’s It!

Official cpanel and server

Hosting Plans & Pricing

Start iptv streaming fast!


It is super simple to set up the cpanel on your media application to your streaming device. After you sign up we send everything you need to get started enjoying live cloud hosted content!

Everything You Need To Get Going

Family Friendly Content

Full Tutorial On How To Use Your Device

Support When You Need It


Reviews & Customer Testimonials

Super simple to set up. Why did I not find about this service sooner? I mean wow you guys are amazing!!!!!!

Amy Sweeney

North Carolina

Super clear and really glad I got the service. We need to get another device for the garage. Thank you again!

Yu Green


I have seen others out there and they claim to have a great service but quality lacks. You guys are so clear. Looks great on my 75″ Sony!

Simon Lunge

New York