Our Features

The HIVE Already Configured

You do not need to fiddle and fool with figuring out where is what. Our geeks have put together everything you need inside online folders for easy access. Push a couple buttons. That’s It!

Start Fast!


It is super simple to set up the cpanel on your media application to your streaming device. After you sign up we send everything you need to get started enjoying live cloud hosted content!

Everything You Need To Get Going

APKhttps://heyhive.icu/app – Update the app when prompted

WEB PLAYERhttp://hivetv.buzz

M3U – http://api.thehive.tv/m3u/hive?username=xxx&password=xxx

EPG – http://api.thehive.tv/epg/p2.xml?username=xxx&password=xxx

Announcements – https://heyhive.icu/announcements

Online Support – https://heyhive.icu/support


DRAGON APKhttp://heyhive.icu/dragon.apk

VPN 83% Savings – https://heyhive.icu/vpn

Exclusive Devices – http://heyhive.icu/devices